An easy way to browse the short fiction I’ve written. Expect this page to grow.

Vendetta on the Mountain – Two childhood rivals climb a mountain together. A two-part drama inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Challenge
Part 1
Part 2

Pterodactylus – One man sprouts wings, but all others want to follow him. 

More Trouble than you’re Worth – He only wanted a date with a beautiful, intelligent woman. Now he’s not so sure.

Escape from Casa Mañana – Harry Sutton is on the run, but will he make it and does he even want to?

Mopsos XIII – a small crew of astronauts reach Pluto. But what are they building, why are they there?

Time isn’t Flat – Inspired by the Daily Post Weekly challenge. A man comes home to find that time is going backwards inside his flat.


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