Reggae Tutorial 1: The Basics.

Learn the basics of creating a reggae rhythm in the classic DAW FLStudio.


Reggae Tutorial 2: Dub it up!

We continue with our rhythm, adding effects and composition.


Reggae Tutorial 3: Alternate Beats

We look at different producing some of the rhythms available to us within the reggae genre.



 8 Great Dubbing VSTs

A run down of some good VSTs for reggae and dub.


Some examples of my ever-loving tuneage



2 thoughts on “Reggae Tutorials and Musical Love

    • It depends what you count as modern. It’s only really been around since the 70s, is that modern enough?
      Most modern music-making techniques have at least some of their roots in the pioneering reggae-dub techniques of that time, so maybe you could call reggae the beginning of modern music…

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