I found this on an old memory stick – ten mesostics created during my English degree at Hull.

For those of you who have never heard of a mesostic, it’s a poem – or perhaps game – a loose cousin of the acrostic, in which a number of words relating to a topic are placed so that they spell the topic vertically. Here I’ve used one word per vertical letter, but you could also use sentences.

John Cage would call some of these 50% mesostics, because I allow for  the same letters to appear in the text just before their capitalisation. I can’t argue; he invented the term!

Here are some examples, dealing gloriously with all the basic topics we like to write about. Click on them for a closer look.

Mesostics 1

And a few more…

Mesostics 2

Has anyone else ever dabbled with mesostics?

Give it a go!

End note: I’ve since been informed that these mesostics are impure in their form! Apparently if you allow for either letter between any two letters it’s not a full mesostic, and it you allow for the former letter only it’s a 50% mesostic (for example, the TIME mesostic has an e before E, so I’ve cheated, apparently!) Nonetheless, I think these mesostics – impure or no – are nice examples for beginners. Post your own below.


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