To those Britons who chose to vote UKIP in the local elections on Thursday,

First of all, let me start by saying that I admire your strength in choosing to reject our conventional, three-party politics. I, like you, feel let down by this government and want to change the status quo. Well, you came out in force on Friday and the status quo was certainly altered.

I’m glad you exercised your democratic right and created a platform for a broader spectrum of politics, but I feel that for many of you the choice that you made was based on lies told to you by this government and I must speak out, because it pains me that our country is still subject to this type of misinformation. The idea that honest, upright folk like yourself are being duped is not something that sits easily with me.

Let me qualify what I’m saying. In a survey of UKIP voters, 59% said their vote was because they wanted to leave the EU, and 76% said that they wanted to reduce immigration. It is to these people I am talking, because I believe a great many of you would not want these things had you not had the facts misrepresented to you. I have faith that you’re not racists, you’re not bigots, you are ordinary people concerned about the future of our country. Which you have every right to be.

Let’s turn our attention first to the European Union. After 1945 there were many people who didn’t want ever to return to a state of warring empires, who didn’t want another Hitler to rise up and kill millions of people. These people founded the EU. Winston Churchill himself was a major supporter. He made a speech calling for a “United States of Europe”. You can listen to that speech here.

The first half of 20th Century was the bloodiest epoch in history, but thanks to unifying bodies like the EU we have created a stability among nations, produced exponential economic growth (yes with hitches, but we’re moving forward) and ensured that we haven’t destroyed each other with nuclear weapons. European Peacekeeping forces have ensured the safety of hundreds of thousands in less stable areas in the world and dispersed the aggression of numerous wars. Without the EU we would still be a group of isolated nations with much less trade, and much more likely to grow another Hitler or Mussolini. Look at North Korea for tips on how isolated states perform economically and politically.

Being in the EU gives us power and influence on a world-stage that we would not have otherwise. Many papers report that the EU dictates law to us, but we opt out of many legislations that we don’t agree with. The very fact that we never joined the Euro is testament to that.

Many conservatives, and numerous other politicians and media moguls, are against these necessary progressions in the human journey, so collectively they feed misinformation into the media concerning the EU to sway opinion. Let me give you a brief highlight of some of the misrepresentation in the media of EU legislation:

straight bananas (or was it curved?) – never happened; forced metric measures – the UK decided to go metric itself a year before we entered the EU; Bombay mix being changed to “Mumbai mix” – an out-and-out lie by a Daily Telegraph reporter; sausages being called “emulsified high-fat offal tubes” – an episode of “Yes, minister” that was twisted into folklore; The banning of corgis – a gross twisting of an EU concern of breeding some types of dogs who develop genetic illnesses, never a law. The list goes on and on. The point is that these were all media-covered stories, all false, designed to sway public opinion away from the EU. I can only assume a seriously bigoted person would willingly misdirect the public against world peace and back to provincial isolation.

As the EU is now suffering economic downturn, euro-sceptics have jumped upon the idea that we are now part of a sinking ship and should get out. But we are not rats, and Europe won’t sink. Only a coward would abandon an honest agreement between brothers and sisters in a time of crisis. Because that’s what all of our fellow human beings are: brothers and sisters. Time to lay down the Neanderthal tribal differences and build a better world.

In this light, let’s briefly turn our attention to immigrants. It is appalling what some people will say about honest folk in order to save their own skins and promote their own interests. The truth is that the elite few of our nation, friends of Cameron, hold almost all of the wealth, and then they tell one group of ordinary folk that the reason for their financial troubles is another group of ordinary folk, divided only by the fact that they weren’t born in our country. Again, I refer you back to World War II when Hitler made a scapegoat of the Jews for gain of power. ‘Never forget’, we said back then.

The truth is that the migrant workers that we have don’t detract from our society, they add to it. They don’t take your jobs, rich people do. The people who come to work in our country, for our economy, often only for a year or two, are the sort of people who are so keen to work that they willing to leave everything they know and come to a strange land to toil sometimes for 60+ hours in menial labour. Hard working and honest people, wouldn’t you agree?

There isn’t enough time to rebuff all of the lies that have been told about these ordinary folk – like you and me – over the years. Nevertheless, let’s look at just one. I came across a diatribe penned by Peter Hitchens. The entire article is unsubstantiated, from his personal assurance that he was once a communist, to the facts and figures, which he fails to back up with any sources, apart from once with Migrationwatch UK – an already biased group. In this modern age we need to see sources, if journalists don’t give you them you can pretty much count on the fact that their journalism is bogus. That is journalistic transparency.

His only real gripe with migrants throughout the 2,500 word rant is that migrants – quite naturally when they’re talking to each other – talk in their own language. At one moment he states that he lives in fear of falling in the river, calling ‘help!’ and the migrants looking down uncomprehendingly at him. Which is of course ridiculous.

Please take your time and read this article for yourself from the link above and think: what fears is he trying to play to you? How does he word things to make them sound worse than they are? How many of these claims are substantiated or backed up with any real evidence? This article is just one in a canon of misinformation stretching back more than twenty years.

Because the sad fact is the rich ruling class still wilfully misinform us to blind us to their power games, and in doing so turn us against our innocent brothers and sisters, and inhibit our progress as a great nation.

Even sadder is that UKIP have taken these lies as the gospel truth, and let them form their political basis.

Thank you for listening.


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